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Humans are stuck on the moon. It's the year 20XX. But that's not the important part - you're here to lose friends.

A new sport emerges to entertain the Lunar Masses; two drivers in hi-tech vehicles compete in ruthless combat for prizes.... that aren't actually included in the game. You do, however, get to take pride in knowledge that you are the champion!

The format? One player controls a nimble car, with the ability to turn invisible and lay traps. They must collect as many Point Orbs as possible to end the round.

The other player controls a heftier vehicle equipped with a big old boulder catapult and a system-disabling EMP cannon. They must use their tools to prevent the other player from collecting orbs through cold-blooded car murder.

Switch roles, rinse and repeat, the player with the most Point Orbs wins!

Grab a friend, it's fun!

We are students from Falmouth University Games Academy. We worked really hard on this and we hope it brings you some joy! :)


  • Abigail Salter - 2D Concept Art, UI Design
  • Alessio Acampora - Programmer
  • Andreea-Cristiana Papuc - 2D and 3D Environment Art
  • Christopher Katunda - Art, 3D Assets
  • James Spencer - 2D Textures, Animated Textures, Particle Effects
  • James Moyse - Team Leader,  Design, Programming, User Experience
  • Lachlainn Hayes - Rigging, UI Animation
  • Robert Doman - Vehicle and Environment, 3D Art, 2D textures
  • Louis Dyster-Pearson - Design, Sound
  • Dovydas Asinovicius - Tutorial Design
  • Roberts Ikaunieks - Writing

Music Credits

  • Title Screen: Factory on Mercury, Eric Matyas
  • Main Game: Action Chase Music, Alex Lisi 

Install instructions

Just unzip, and double click "playtest_2nov" in the folder "WindowsNoEditor". You'll probably get antivirus warnings. This is itch.io, you expect that.


Most Recent Build 498 MB

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